Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Going Forward: Racism and Antisemitism

After A Week of Positive Blogging I began to consider what was next for my blog. I would have to say that the two biggest events on my blog were A Week of Positive Blogging, and Why Do Men Cheat. So how does one top that in terms of subject matter and still remain true to the purpose of my blog and that is Wisdom and Ethics?

News out of America concerning both Jews and African Americans quickly provided me with a way to go. For those who don't know there has been a rise in both racism in America against African Americans and world-wide an increase in antisemitism against Jews. Add that to the various things that have been happening in places like Darfur, etc.

So for a few months, still on a limiting blogging basis I would like to tackle these issues from my perspective. I do this because of the advice of a rabbi in New York. During the time when I prayed at Shearith Israel, the Spanish-Portuguese synagogue, I would often talk with Rabbi Isaac Sassoon. Rabbi Sassoon was from England, but he comes from the famed Sassoon family that spanned Jewish communities in North Africa, England, Iran, and India. I have known many members of the Sassoon family when I lived in New York, but Rabbi Sassoon was the one I was closest to.

Often Rabbi Sassoon would tell me that since I was a Jew of mixed ancestry I should try to do things to try breach the rift that sometimes exists between Jews and African Americans. This was something that was a difficult sale on my part since I think there are some huge misunderstands that exists with various African American ethnic groups and even in various Jewish communities as well. A prime example of this is how some African Americans think that Jews are out to destroy or control the African American community. There are some Hereidi Jews who are prejudice against some African Americans. These people on either side are by no means the majority, but some of it stems from a lack of knowledge about the other side.

This reality is sad in light of the fact that the same groups who hate and want to destroy African Americans are also out to destroy Jews. Lets do a quick run down.
  • Skin-Heads - Hate Africans, African-Americans, and Jews
  • Neo-Nazis - Hate Africans, African-Americans, and Jews
  • Racists - Hate Africans, African American, and sometimes Jews
  • Antisemites - Hate Jews, and sometimes hate Africans and African Americans
I personally believe that there is an agenda at hand, which may explain why there has been a rise in both racism and antisemitism. I believe that both Jews and African Americans have the same enemies. These enemies are planning and plotting, and many of them are keeping this below the radder screen. Yet, they are doing things in the shadows to both groups.

Have you wondered why there has been a recent increase in nooses showing up in places in America? Have you wondered why there has also been an increase in swastikas in America. Have you wondered why certain parts of Africa have been under assault by groups who connect themselves to outside cultures? Have you wondered how there could be Neo-Nazi cells in Israel? I have been keeping track of these things and some of the groups involved and I believe that there is a pattern.

So for the next few posts I will do what Rabbi Sassoon suggested I should do. I will try to be a bridge of understanding between the African American culture, and Jewish cultures that I have come into contact with in my life. There are things that both sides can learn from each other, and there is also a need for us to realize that we have the same enemies.


Miriam said...

what a great idea! I'm looking forward. be well.

Herve said...

Ehav, you're mostly right, there have been tensions in the last 30 years betwen the two communities, whereas the previous decades have seen mutual support between Jews and African American, mostly basedon the fact that both communities went thru the slavery experience.

I see the raising of miconsideration between the two communities as a consqeuence of : 1/ a failure of education, on both side 2/ an upraise of muslim motivations among the afican american (and african european) 3/ a lack of historical background.

In France, in the last 2-3 years, the tension between the two communities was extremely severe, as a young jew was murdered by an ivorian citizen, who legitilated his crime on antisimetic basis. See also Tribu Ka actions in France (Wikipedia has good articles on those events, unfortunately in french).

Conclusion: being a "passerelle", your mission is a a top priority one.

Tr8erGirl said...

Great post! Looking forward to your analysis...I myself have often wondered why there is so much prejudice on both sides to the other when, as you pointed out, we share the same enemies!

Bohemian Hippie Chick said...

Good post! Can't wait to read your posts on this topic.

coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...

Why Do Men Cheat
*scratching head*
where was I when this was going on...why didn't you contact me for that one?

Ehav Ever said...

Hey all. I am hoping to have a post up soon. I have some of my thoughts already together, it is just trying to find a starting point. I plan on posting once a week.

Herve - Herve I agree with you. You touched on some of the points I am going to discuss.

Mychel - Hey Mychel. I did four or five posts on my experience of why some men cheat and others don't. If you do a search on my blog Why Do Men Cheat you will find it. It was before you knew about my blog.

If you go here you can find the last piece. The last piece has links to the other pieces. I must warn you I have some extreme views in this area.