Sunday, November 4, 2007

Day 1: Israel My Favorite Place in Pictures

So it is now A Week of Positive Blogging, and day 1 deals a place that has moved me. At first I was going to post a long 13 page story of when I came to Israel in 2004 and how it changed my it saved my life. Instead I would like to take a different route.

First off, in 2004 my life was falling apart piece by piece. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. I was having financial problems, spiritual problems, and personal problems. At the peak of it all I got a feeling as if God had abandoned me at the worst possible moment. I went through a phase of hating God, and not wanting to live by any kind of spiritual code. Yet, within a week I had a feeling like I needed to go to Israel immediately. I took a number of risks by going at that time, because I did not have any money. When I returned I faced a number of consequences of how my life was going up until that point. Yet, in going I learned several things.
  1. God had not abandoned me, He be backed away in order to force me to search Him out. That search led me to Israel.
  2. All of my life I was searching for my way home, while denying where that would lead me. All roads were leading me to Israel.
  3. Until I was able move to Israel I would never fully be complete, and a part of myself would remain there until I made it my home.
Now I have found that part of myself that walked the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv from 2004 to 2007. So instead of going into the entire story with words I want to show you why I love Israel so much. It is the place that not only changed my life, but also saved my life. The following photos are the positive sides of a place that most people only know from the words of the Bible as well or from the Western fixation with the problems in the Middle East.


Bohemian Hippie Chick said...

Nice post Ehav! I loved the videos, Israel is beautiful! :)

Barbara said...

Thank you for the images. Israel is indeed beautiful! I am curious about the music, especially on the second one. Although I cannot understand the words, I like the music. Can you share who it is and what the words are about?

Ehav Ever said...

BHC Yes, Israel is a really beautiful place. I like the fact that I can open the Bible and pretty much within about 3 or 4 hours I can get to most of the places mentioned in it. If you ever get a chance you should visit Israel at least once.

Barbara Thanks for your comments. The first video has a compilation of 3 songs. The songs were written about 300 or 400 years ago by Rabbi Shalom Shabbazi of Yemen. The first song is Im Naalu, which speaks of how God will not forget the righteous even though it may look like the doors to repentance are closed. It also talks about how God, even though enthroned in splendor above man's ability to completely understand, is still involved in human affairs. The other song is LaNer. It is song by Yemenite Jews at the end of the Sabbath. It talks about how we as Jews transition from the Sabbath back to the regular days of the week. These songs are sung by the Yemenite Israeli singer Daqolon.

In the second video has music of Idan Rachel. The song is Shuvi El Baiti i.e. Return to my home. The first part of the song, the unsung part is in Ethiopian. I am not sure what that part says. A loose translation of the Hebrew parts of the song is this. This song is directed to a woman to return to the singer to look into his eyes. It says that evening has returned and it will already be too late. There is also a line of here returning to his room. She is to remember that also it is like it is winter now. Observe the happy day approaches arriving. It goes on to state that in her eyes his good looks will remain the light the innocence. The next line is that there will be a happy day or sadness that comes returning suddenly. There is light to the star from light. It concludes about how there is her it is a window and how beautiful she is and how much the day. I am not the best at translating poetry without being overly literal. That is the gist of the song.

Before I came back to Israel this song would always remind me of how I needed to return.

Lisa said...

OMG! How brave you are to just pick up and move. I am intrigued to learn more about what drove you to such a journey! I also envy your nerve to just pick up and move, of all places, to Israel! OMG!

Anyway, beautiful pics! beautiful music!

Ehav Ever said...

Hey Lisa,

Thank you for your kind words. I have a few posts on my blog where I talk about why I moved. It is hard to put it into one post. As the days go on why I moved here becomes more clear, than before I moved. At some point I hope to go into more depth. The problem is I am very outspoken, and it would be a long post.