Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We Could Be Heroes i.e. Repairing the World

The next group of posts were inspired by fellow blogger Miss Duex Cents. She brought up a really good set of points in her blog post called Self Fulfilling Prophecy. This post was also inspired by the postings of David McQueen in England. Thanks to you both for helping me remember why I started my blog.

I remember what it was like to grow up in a community that had positive images. It was made up of various segments of African and African American culture with different religious contexts. I also remember what it was like to have to leave that community, because some negative elements had infiltrated it. I also remember what it was like to try and go back to that community years later to find that it no longer existed. I was taught something as a teenager when I saw the community that I loved disappear. I was taught a lesson in how temporary some situations can be, an how fluid a person has to be.

Before I moved to Israel I went back one more time, just to see if there was anything left. It was completely gone and the neighborhood took a turn for the very worst. My hope when I moved to Israel was to find it again, and to fight for it if it begins to fade. Being in my ancestral home of Israel I have found it, but what I see now is that I am going to have to fight one battle at a time, but that is what I am here for. When I made the decision that I was going to move to Israel there were dreams that I had to put away and I had to become an example. I am still working that out, but it is my hope that something I say or do can a part of helping someone. This also meant that I had to move to a community and be connected. It also meant that at work, at play, and at home I had to be willing to stand for something. That of course is where the morality comes in.

What I remember being the difference about my childhood was there were people who were willing to not only talk the talk, but to walk the walk. They were willing to be the people who put their dreams on hold in order to inspire those of us from the younger generation. I remember people who gave up things that they wanted to do and places that they wanted see in order to inspire people. Yet, there was something that made these people different. All of them had a clear definition of morality as well as a clear vision of how to help people by inspiring hope. These men and women knew that they could force someone to make the right decision. They also knew that at some point the extended hand of assistance must be retracted when people do not desire to be helped. They also understood their own mortality and that if they could inspire at least one person they could be a part of what saves the world.

I didn't grow in a place without hope. I grew up in a place where people who faced hopeless situations fought back, no matter the cost and made sure to be that ladder for the next generation. If they could not themselves make it they would guarantee that the next generation would. They did not just live for themselves, they lived for others.

There is a Jewish concept from the Talmud which states, "When a person saves a life it is like they have saved an entire universe." This brings me back to a movie that inspired me called Pay It Forward. The movie dealt with the issue of can a person really make a change in the world when what they do seems to insignicant. This movie was based on the principle that if one person can save someone's life they that person in turn may also return the favor by helping someone else. I am a believer that every person who helps someone or saves someone's life is a hero. If this is the case we could all be heroes. We could all change the world. We may not be able to fix it, I believe that only God do that on some levels, but we could be the ones to light a spark the darkest of night. We could be legends to those who we help, and there could be odes to us without us even knowing it.

Spiderman 2: A Hero In All of Us

I have dealt with some of the issues I see in the world, I have dealt with my own problems with love, and I have dealt with the funny parts of my life. Now I will do a few articles about the good in the world, and in particular the people who stepped into the void and saved my life. I also think that maybe other bloggers should jump on board. Maybe we need a day, no better yet a week of blogging about the positive aspects of:
  1. Who we are.
  2. Where we live.
  3. Those in our communities who inspire hope.
This idea is dedicated to the men and women who beleived enough to not give up on me, even when I didn't believe in anything of worth. Many of them may never know how they affected me and how their example made them heroes and legends to me. One day when I have children they will know the names of the men and women who gave up a peace of their own dreams so that I can reach a peice of my own.

With that being said, who is with me?

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Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi Ehav,

Thanks for this post. It was inspiring!

As for the week of positive blogging, count me in!