Sunday, October 14, 2007

Things That Make Me Laugh & Think

I am going to take a break from serious topics for a little while. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to laugh. That is one of the reasons I love living here in Israel. There is another thing I like, and that is cartoons. I know, I know..I am a grown man, but the old school cartoons are so funny to me. It is also funny looking back at the things I never saw in these cartoons, or the things I never understood about them when I was a kid. Here are a few examples.

The Sheep Dog and Wolf: Don't Give Up the Sheep

This is an abject lesson about trying the same type of things over and over with little or no results. So many times in life some people face their needs and wants with an irrational method of trail and error. Instead of trying to determine what it may cost to accomplish a goal they often go in with have baked plans that end in the same result.

Pepe Le Pew: Whose Scent Are You

I didn't realize until I was older that Pepe Le Pew was a stalker. I loved his lines, and I always envisioned myself using them in jest when I get married. What is also funny, is since I spoke French at school as a kid the way they embellish the French in these cartoons is so funny. My favorite line in this cartoon is Le What!

Looney Toons: Rabbit Season

Maybe there is no other lesson better than the problems that arise from being an instigator. It also shows the importance of knowing exactly what it is you really are looking for.

So what do you think?


Bohemian Hippie Chick said...

I've always thought that Looney Tunes weren't made for kids. Most of the situations that came up in those cartoons were not understood by the kids that I watched them with. They are hilarious though, and I will sometimes sneak and watch them (shhh, don't tell anyone! ;-)).

Ehav Ever said...

Yeah, I looked into and they were originally made for adults. They were shown in movie theaters as shorts during intermissions. This was prior to the 50's and such. That is why many of them have WWII type themes. Now that I am older there many of them that are really funny now that I understand them.

I like the lines from the Pepe Le Pew ones. I also like the Rabbi Season and Duck Season ones.