Monday, October 1, 2007

Modesty in Men

During my last post about modesty and beauty the issue of modesty came up regarded men. This is an important point since modesty swings both ways. Personally I would love to go back to dressing the way my ancestors did, because I like the garments of the olden days. The long garment, the turban, and the shamley. If only I could dress that way now, but alas that day is gone.

The following are pictures all meet the Jewish standards of male modesty.

Me, Ehav Ever, at my Rabbi's house before the Sabbath

Habbani Jewish man from southern Arabia

My Great Great Grandfather Richard Lang

Yemenite Jewish men

Family member Clifford Woodard

Rabbi Mordechai Aby-Serour of Timbuktu, Mali


Miriam said...

but men can wear whatever -short sleeves, etc. no? I've often wondered about the shomrei haAynaim (guarding the eyes) business -how much is too much; how little is not enough, etc.

Not to mention modesty in speech

Ehav Ever said...

It depends. Some men won't wear short short sleeves at all. Most of the standards, before modern times were that Jewish men were covered just as much as women.

Ehav Ever said...

In terms of the how much is too much or too little. Personally, I go back and look at the pictures of the way it used to be done. That lets me know how much historically has been done. In terms of to little, the furthest I am willing to go is short sleeve. I would for example never wear a tank top in public. I also never wear shorts or sandals, even at home. When I was younger people used to think I was strange because I never wore shorts, no matter how hot it was.

prof said...

Shalom to my brother!

Rabbi Aby Serour is now on jewisheritage

a bientot