Friday, October 12, 2007

The Fro-Curl circa 1985?

If you haven't read my previous post about the Jherry curl read it here. Since Tr8ergirl found the far off photo on my blog of when I had a Fro-Curl as promised here is a picture of me with a Fro-Curl as a kid. Besides my pictures from when I was in Japan, I don't have anymore pictures from that time.

Before you begin laughing at the glasses, I must say that I am near sighted and back then the technology for glasses and contacts wasn't as advanced as it is now. Kids used to always make fun of how thick my glasses were, and old people used to like pinching my cheeks.

Ehav Ever circa 1985 or so

Remember my cousin Melerick who I mentioned in the previous post? He was the one who actually executed the plan to cut off my hair. This is him below standing next to my aunt at my college graduation. Just look at his eyes, doesn't he just look sneaky? I guess I should be thanking him at this point. (smile) He now is a manager at Micro-Soft.

My cousin Melerick the one behind the demise of the Fro-Curl


Miriam said...

So cute! why do ppl suffer so much from others? I dunno.

I do know a neighbor of mine, the little son had some problem which made is guts seem to balloon. I don't know what it was. Of course, he got it from every kid and their brothers.

Now, he's fine but from all that he acquired a depth to himself. Even though he's just a little boy, he is so deep, so able to resonate with other's hurt, its incredible.

Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi Ehav,

One of the reasons I like classic things, such as classic clothes, hairstyles, furnature, etc., is so that you never have to look at a old picture and say "oh my, what was I thinking?". (lol)

This pic of you is adorable, you didn't have one of those drip, drip curls.(note no stains on your likkle shirt) (lol)

Bohemian Hippie Chick said...

Awwww!! Those cheeks!! I would've pinched them too.

Dag, I think I'm turning into an old person. LOL

Ehav Ever said...

It is funny I am looking at the photo now and I have the urge to pinch my own cheeks.

Ehav Ever said...

MDC - Yeah, you do bring up a big point. I don't remember my curl being drippy or juicy. I did though have to wear a curl bag.

Ehav Ever said...

He Miriam,

I think that sometimes our true humanity is defined by how me overcome difficult situations. It can also cause us to realize that there is something higher than ourselves. Sometimes though there is no clear answer.