Saturday, September 22, 2007

How Do I Define Beauty? Part 1

An article I recently read dealt with how it is hard for our eyes to resist attractive people. As I read into more and I began to think more on the topic, and I asked myself how do I define beauty? I have no problem in saying that I do notice beautiful women when I am out and about. Yet, I look for a number things beyond measurements and such. Yes, I do have my own physical preferences, but these are mostly in the realm of proportion. Yet, I have seen some beautiful in a number of shapes and sizes.

More than naught I look at several things that causes me to know that I am looking at a beautiful woman.

1) How does she carry herself and does she walk with a certain sense of pride?
2) How she dresses. Is she modest in her attire, but at the same time fashionable?
3) Does she have certain proportions in frame that I like?
4) Is she kind hearted, while at the same time able to stand up for herself?
5) Is she spiritually and socially active?
6) Does she have a diverse view of the world?

The women that I have been attracted to were always strong and seeking to be more morally correct. They have also been intelligent, caring and kind to others. The woman I currently seek in my life will be easy for me to recognize, at this stage in my life, because I have walked long enough to know what I value. I also have taken some years to develop myself to know what I need from her, and what I can give to her.

When I was a kid my mother had a lot of female friends who provided the basis of what I look for in a woman. My mother's friends always stood for something, and they were fun people to be around. They were all different and they all dealt with different issues in their personal lives, but there was something about them that I found attractive. I learned at lot from hearing these women talk, and the wife that I seek in my life more than likely will resemble elements of these female examples. I also look for a woman that makes me feel like the lyrics to the following song.

Luther Vandross and Gregory Hines - There Is Nothing Better Than Love

Even with all of the abstract factors above, the best way for me to define my views of physical beauty is to show you women who I find beautiful for one or more of the reasons I mentioned above. Looking at these women more closely they resemble the type of women I grew up seeing and respecting throughout my youth. Note: This list is in no particular order.

Singer Marie Daulne of Zap Mama

An Ethiopian Israeli friend of mine Bizu "Riki" Mullu

Yemenite Israeli Singer Achinoam Nini

N'Bushe Wright

Singer Sally Nyolo formally of Zap Mama

Actress Zuleikha Robinson

Actress Vivian Nixon daughter of Debbi Allen

Yemenite Israeli Singer Ofra Haza

Actress Sanaa Lathan


Miriam said...

Once upon a time I had Noa's cd. Please do you know, did she used to be a he?

Ehav Ever said...

No, Noa has always been a woman. She had a baby a few years ago, which changed here music a bit. You may being thinking of Dana. Her wedding is in one of the videos about Yemenite Jews.

Invisible Woman said...

Well that's a relief, haha :-) btw, I think N'Bushe is a beauty too.

Ehav Ever said...

When I mentioned the wedding I was talking about Noa's, the woman, wedding. Just had to make sure no one was mixing up Dana with Noa.

Hey IW. Yes, N'Bushe caught my attention in Blade. It would have been nice if someone with better acting skills than Wesley Snipes had been playing opposite her. N'Bushe reminds me of one of my mother's friends.

Thembi said...

Nice pic with the song - I miss Luther AND Gregory...

diva said...

I give you cool points for good taste:)Dreads and fros. hooray!

Wesley may have marginal acting skills, tax problems, and some bad behavior but he did SF so I can forgive him a few shortcomings.

Mes Deaux Cents said...

Hi Evav,
I think that you will find that personality makes the beauty, I on several occasions have met someone who at first didn't seem very attractive but after getting to know them they seemed to transform...

Beauty isn't a static thing it ebbs and flows according to who eye's and mind are judging.

Shavonne said...

This is the third blog I've read referening that live science article. I posted it to my facebook account a few days ago.

Singer Marie Daulne looks like Aaliyah.

I love the natural hair on these women.

Ehav Ever said...

Thembi - I have to admit I wasn't much into Luthor's music when he was at his peak. This song was the only one I really liked. Yet, I will admit that his songs did have a certain style to them that you don't see anymore. Gregory Hines always reminded me of someone that could be my uncle.

Diva - Yes, I like the natural look as much as possible so thanks for the points. :) I liked Wesley in the action scenes, the problem I had with him in Blade was that he could have had more depth to the character. Maybe I should do a really late movie review.

Mes Deux Cents I agree with you. I have found certain women to be beautiful that friends of mine in the past did not find beautiful. The women I listed have something about them that makes me notice them. It is either something that comes out in some movie role, some song, or they have a look that reminds me of a woman I once liked.

Shavone I first saw the article on Yahoo. It is interesting that in many of the photos I have seen of Marie Daulne she looks so different in each one. I love the natural look on women.