Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Problems With Politics

When I was in America I stopped voting several years ago. For the most part I always felt like I was not really having an effect because I was voting for the lessor of two evils. Besides voting for president doesn't change much because change is also linked with the Congress and the Senate. Yet, also there is a need to vote for the right local officials. So f I were to vote Republican, I could never find a balanced with the positions and morality I respected. Voting Democrat didn't matter much either because they were essentially no different as an overall package. So I stopped voting, besides it was also not as if my life was in my own hands by voting one way or another.

The Problem With the Two Party System

Now that I am back in Israel though it is a different scenario. Literally, not getting things right politically could cause my life to be thrown by the wayside. On some level I feel like Israel's problems are related to how we as Jews stand or don't stand up for the morality found in the Torah. That is to say that if we don't live by the responsibility that God gave us as Jews it causes most of the problems that we experience. This is mainly the case in times when we have our own state or the ability to control our own destiny. Some of our enemies seem to exist to destroy us because we don't represent the values that we should. This goes all the way from the secular Jew all the way to the religious Jew. We are responsile for each other, but we sometimes don't treat each other that way.
So how does this fit in with politics? I will have to let my time to get adjusted determine that for myself. My mission is to live by the Torah and be an Israeli of the modern era. Where that leads me I will keep you posted.


Miriam said...

Mazal tov! Welcome back!

Can we invite you for shabbat?! I think you'd really enjoy our neighbors here. (machon shilo guy upstairs, mechon mamre guy down the street) Please let us know when!

Ehav Ever said...

Hello Miriam,

Thanks. Once I get settled I will shoot you an email.

Miriam said...

Great! ok.