Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tough Jews: Abir Warrior Arts Part 2

Last year I came across an interesting web-site for Abir Warrior Arts. Abir is a Jewish martial art taught by Grandmaster Yehoshua Sofer in Israel. According to Grandmaster Yehoshua Sofer, Abir is fighting techniques that the ancient Israelites used, and was preserved by certain Middle Eastern Jewish communities. There are two schools, one in Jerusalem and one in Tel Aviv.

When I found out about it I did some research on it, and I even met several people who either knew Grandmaster Yehoshua Sofer personally or studied under him. They all had high praise for the Grandmaster and for Abir. The fact that there was a martial art that was based on Torah was the key point that I really found interesting. I became so interested in Abir that I helped work on a Wikipedia article about it that can found here. The video below gives some details about Abir.

ABIR - Biblical Martial Arts

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Max said...

My uncle and I have been reading about ABIR for probably a few years now. I am a senior in high school and am writing my senior project/thesis about abir: its biblical and historic roots and the validity of Yehoshua Sofer's claim. I have seen many of your comments on the web (wikipedia, keshertalk etc) and you seem to have done some good research on the subject. I tried emailing Yehoshua Sofer directly but I never got a response. If you are interested in helping me by answering a few questions please email me at mlevy82@gmail.com