Saturday, June 23, 2007

The One Time I Was Sent to Detention

The video below brought back memories of the one time I ended up in detention when I was in high school. The story went like this. A guy I knew was talking back and being confrontational to a female teacher and as a joke, due to his behavior, I decided to make a funny statement. I said, "Hey Jason why don't you just fight her?" I said this because Jason was really being indignant with her, and I couldn't believe his behavior. I didn't mean anything by it, and afterwards I went to class. About an hour later I got called into the principles office and was told that I threatened a teacher. I couldn't believe it. I didn't threaten her, I was being sarcastic. Yet, they would not listen. I was sent to apologize and the teacher told me, "I knew you were being sarcastic and you didn't mean it." What! Well why am I getting detention? Of course no one listened and I got in trouble at home.

So the next day when I had to go to detention it reminded me of this video below.

Dexter Detention

I of course never returned to detention, especially since the worst part of detention is how boring it was. I could never imagine what it would be like to have detention for more than a day, and I never desired to have such an experience again. I learned to be careful what you do and what say, even in jest, because it can cost you. I also learned to be careful of who you associate with because they can also be the cause of your downfall.‎


yusufyusuf said...

yav sen israilli filan mısın yaa. ben de seni afrikalı filan sandım ama galibba bi yanlışlık var. neyse allah allah garip.

Ehav Ever said...

Thanks for stopping by Yusuf. I didn't understand everything your wrote, but I got the idea. Thanks.