Thursday, May 31, 2007

Using the Manthem to Understand The Male Psychology

Understanding The Male Psychology
by Ehav Ever

Of late there have been a number of commercials and pup culture shows that have tapped into the desire of males to be manly. There are some that actually do well in either being comical of male stereotypes and phobias and there are others that simply push the edge. Over the years I have known women who act as if we men are hard to understand, but I believe that we men are not so hard to understand. All a woman has to do is look a little deeper.

The Manthem

The above video of the Burger King Texas Double Whopper provides and interesting piece to analyze for this article. When I first saw this commercial, there were three thoughts that went through my mind.

1) This is one of the funniest commercials I have ever seen.

2) I wish I could have been in that crowd of men when they filmed the commercial.

3) I am really hungry now.

Being Jewish, and in America at that time, of course I could not and would not go out and eat at Burger King because it is not Kosher and the burger itself with bacon in it is of course not kosher. Yet, the themes in the commercial did strike a certain cord within me, and I could not stop watching it. I liked it for a number of reasons, but most of all it really tapped into the whole primal needs of men concept. Hunger, strength, and the need to connect with other men of strength. There also was the underlying feeling that we as men need to show off these three things in a number of ways.

One of the things that often tickles women is how even grown men can be child-like in regular life, especially when it comes to being around other men. When me and my cousin in Maale Adumim, Israel get together our favorite pass time is making jokes, laughing, and watching cartoons. I am in my 30's and he is in his early 40's. His wife always walks away shaking her head at our humor, but it this form of male bonding that I believe is beneficial to women also. I believe it is our oddities that is also what attracts women to us. It is only a matter of understanding it.

I also see similar child-like attributes when I see a group of women get together. Their mannerisms and the bonds they share can be seen in how young girls play together and socialize. Men have the same that even as we get older elements of our playing and young children is evident in our relationships.

What has to be understand is that we men have strengths and we also have our weaknesses. Yet, every man wants to on some level feel as if he has conquered something and lacking this often bruises elements of our innate ego. There is also a need for us to be perceived and received as Alpha males amongst to women as well as our fellow men, as this is a big ego boost when like minded men gather together to exude our common manhood. This is especially true when we do so in the view of women that we have feelings for or are trying to impress, thus sports in the full view of women is a surge to our collective manhoods.

The Manthem commercial touches on the feeling that some males have that their strengths are being taken away from them. Gone are the days of the Barbarian and the Warrior for the most part. Yet, not all male societies focused on this as the sole definition of manhood. In Biblical times it was a mix of the man of physical strength who at the same time was learned in the ways of God and the ways of life. A Jewish man in those times could be a warrior, a scholar, a philosopher, and a follower of ethics.‎

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